School Principal Message

As one amongst you, I understand and appreciate the most difficult and challenging task ahead of us. Shaping the destiny of a child is a matter of great pride for each one of us. The main object of education is the establishment of a twofold harmony in every individual – harmony within his own self and harmony with other living beings in the world. So our goal has always been the personality enrichment through curricular and co-curricular activities.
Teaching is much more than a career or a profession. It is the most important responsibility of moulding and shaping the child into a responsible citizen. Iam certain that my students will become the productive, Intelligent and honest citizens of society. The active participation and co-operation of parents would be extremely essential to achieve the desired results. We strive with indomitable zeal to seek fresh vistas of excellence so as to enable our students to become self-reliable and come out with flying colors in the present age of competition.